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Inner Thoughts

A Film by Ember Crowley// United states

Prisoner of War

A Film by Porter Justus//United States

Eyes of Sorrow Moon

A Film by Gerald Saul// Canada

Jukebox Girl

A Film by Alex Richard Thomas// United states

A Beautiful Sunday


Rerettil Eurt

A Film by JP Stanley// United states

RIP Recycling Interred People

A Film by Steve Vasiliou// Greece


A Film by Abdallah Sada// Estonia

The Foursome

A Film by Amanda Kendris & Vanessa Bontea// United states

Windward Spirits: A New Ruler

A Film by Alex Perez & Cyrus Emami// United States


A Film by Natalie Dale// Canada

101 Ways to Kill Your Lover

A Film by Joel Siroen & Linda Hewell// Australia

ABYSS by Manojh reddy united states

A Film by Manojh Reddy// United States


A Film by Benoit Delplace// France

After Death

A Film by ARHUN ABBASLI// Azerbaijan

A Deal Gone Wrong

A Film by Cody Shown & Daryl Peck// United States

Bad Thursday

A Film by Julian Bozzo// United States


A Film by Tahir Aliyev// United States


A Film by Victoria Holdt// Switzerland

Beauty or Beast: Solar Storm

A Film by Shihyun Wang// United States


A Film by Cody Wilson//United States

Blind Ambition by Shihyun Wang// United states

Collapsing by Brian Ratigan// United states

Brutal by Hoseung Lee// South Korea

Candy Universe Mania by Julian Bozzo// United States

Cobwebs by David Luke// Unites States

Fast Forward- 20 Years Into the Future by Shihyun Wang// United States

Fironic by Julian Bozzo// United States

Fresh Choppucino by Anthony Cintron// United States

Felon by Cameron Radice & James Austin Kerr// United States

Girl Meets Germs Poster_new

Girl Meets Germs by Chris Freeman// United states

FAM by Genevieve Carson & Nathan Kim// United States

Girls Night by David Teixeira// France

HARD SELL by Luke Slendebroek// United states

Held Down By a Shadow by Alex Peace// United Kingdom

Giselle by Severine Reisp// United states

His Descent by Marwan Nsouli// United States

Injustice For All by Danny Mooney & Donavan Darius// United States

Inked by Ziya Morris// United States

Laws of The Game by Aegina Brahim & Radu Gilbero// United Kingdom

Limit by Javad Daraei// Iran

Moving Parts by Harley Wallen & Jerry Hayes// United States

Moving In/ Moving Out by Joakim Johansen// Norway

Newark In a Song by Shihyun Wang// United States

Nigra by Marta Arjona Blasco// Spain

Nature of Kentucky-- Gallery by Daryl Peck// United States

Not the Same River, Not the Same Man by Michelle Brand// United Kingdom

Obsession by Cathy Beasley// United States

Nowhere Michigan by Robert Vornkahl & Andrew Beguin// United States

On Death & Legacy by Nathaniel Garcia// United States

Our Blood by Cameron Raser// United states

Off Limits by Severine Reisp// United states

Paradox by Connor Hunt// United States

Patrick Snow and The Eight Speed Dates by Lauren Jackson & Nicole Punday// United states

PAS DE DEUX by Carles Pàmies// Spain

Phsychic Attorney: Legal Representation Before & After by Shihyun Wang// United States

Phsychic Attorney: I Want My Money Back by Shihyun Wang// United States

Phsychic Attorney: Mending Broken Hearts by Shihyun Wang// United States

Phsychic Attorney: Too Late! by Shihyun Wang// United States

Polybius by Brad Pattullo// United States

Quitting by Michael Butts & Scott Crain// United States

Shiver by Damian Overton// Australia

Saeta: The Mourning by Rosamaria E. Kostic Cisneros & Koko Zin// United Kingdom

Rise by Shana Dixon

Ruthless by Chris Pender// Australia

Slave by Querry Christophe// France

Somewhere In My Mind by Jordan Epperson// United States

Take Back by Anthony DLA// United States

The Last Supper of the Damned by Zev Howley// Australia

The Dark Hunger by Anthony Williams// United States

The Fifth by Jack Morin// Canada

The Light of My Eyes by Carmen Rosa Vargas// Peru

The Offer by Christopher Griffiths & Gary Smart// Untied Kingdom

The Proctologist by Henry Goren & Wayne Darwen// United States

The Red Oak by Danyal Zalfar// United States

Time Flies by Daniel Chan & Grace Yuan// China

The Unwanted Guest by Anthony Cintron// United States

The Were-What by Julian Bozzo// united states

To Dare To Save by Jane Mangubi// United states

Time flies by Fabrizio Notarpietro// Switzerland

Trivia Night by Julian Bozzo// United States

Undercover Mistress by Giulio Ciancamerla// Italy

Venus Obscura by Christophe Karabache// France

VARDØGER by Ludovic De Gaillande & François Buleté// France

What is the Real World by Victoria Holdt// Switzerland

Where the Great Spirits Live-- Gallery by Jerome Bohman// United states










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