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Frostbite International  Film Festival

"Cinema is the most beautiful fraud in the world." 
-Jean Luc Godard
"Perhaps it sounds ridiculous, but the best thing that young filmmakers should do is to get hold of a camera and some film and make a movie of any kind at all."
-Stanley Kubrick

Event Information

       MONTHLY ONLINE FESTIVAL WITH AWARDS AND LIVE SCREENINGS. All WINNERS will have a live screening in Colorado at Sneakyboy Studios. Winners will be screened once a month.

       All winners who request it may receive feedback and critique from our judging panel. We share our winners with thousands online at the end of each season. Students and Independent filmmakers can make their visions come true without a huge budget, and we want to see your incredible work. We are a festival by filmmakers, for filmmakers.

This is a festival by filmmakers, for filmmakers. FROSTBITE strives to protect the notion that students and Indi filmmakers can make the visions in their head a reality without huge budgets. We support the passion of filmmaking, and the adventure of it. Everyone who is passionate should have a chance to show their work to the world and prove themselves in order to make a difference. We can all change the history of cinema. 

Based in Colorado Springs, CO

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